Simple Translation Remover

The plugin enables the easy removal of unwanted translations. This will remove nags to update translations for unwanted locales, and enable some server disk space to be reclaimed. Website back-ups will be a bit quicker and backup files will be a bit smaller.

Removal of unwanted translations can be done using FTP and the site host’s file manager, or by using a file manager plugin. Hopefully administrators will find this plugin easier and quicker. The plugin will suit administrators who are uncomfortable with using FTP or who don’t have an FTP account.


Go to Dashboard > Tools > Translations Remover

Select the translations you would like to be removed. Several can be removed with one pass.

The default action is to just list the translation files so you can check they are the correct ones, or you can select the deletion of the files.

Click “Go”.

The plugin will not allow the removal of translations for the active locale. To remove the translations for the active locale, go to Dashboard > Settings > General and select a new site language. When you come back to the Translations Removal tool, the original site language translations can be selected for removal.

If you inadvertently remove any translations that you would like to keep, select their locale as the site language, go to Dashboard > Updates and click the “Update translations” button.

The locale: “English (United States)” is the language used in the code. It doesn’t have any translation files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does it work with custom translations?


Q) Will it work with Polylang or the WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)

Its up to the administrator to make sure they are not removing the translations for one of the site’s supported locales. The plugin will not check this.

Q Will it work on multi-site installations?

Not tested on multi-site installations.

Want it? Submitted to plugins team for review. Come back later…