Simple BMI Form

This is the home page for TopCode’s Simple BMI Form plugin.

There are many BMI widgets in the plugin directory, but none seem to offer a choice of 3 systems of units. This makes this calculator multi-national – site visitors can choose whichever system of units they are familiar with.

The BMI calculation is a simple formula:
BMI = your-weight / your-height squared

Data from the relevant Wikipedia page is used to categorise different BMI values.


  • Download the plugin file from the plugin repository.
  • Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Plugins and select the plugin file, then “Activate”.
  • To put it in a sidebar or other widget area, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and drag the Simple BMI Form to your chosen widget area. Alter the title if you wish.
  • To install in content, use the shortcode: [simple_bmi_form] The shortcode does not take parameters.
  • Multiple installs on the same page won’t work.

Customize the widget

  • Go to: Dashboard > Settings > Simple BMI Form.
  • Font size and border width must be in px. Don’t use the “px” suffix.
  • Use the colour picker to set element colours.


Please post any issues to the relevant support forum.


  • 16/03/19 v1.0.0 Initial release.
  • 19/03/19 v1.0.1 Fixed fatal bug which occurred in some circumstances.
  • 21/03/19 v1.0.2 Fixed incorrect Wikipedia link.
  • 27/03/19 v1.0.3 Renamed. Original name already taken.
  • 26/07/19 v1.0.4 Renamed again. Last name already taken.
  • 02/09/19 v1.0.6 Made translatable.
  • 04/09/19 v1.0.8 Published on
  • 05/09/20 v1.0.9 Button spacing increased slightly. Introduction of a “Very Severely Underweight” category, and modification of the limit of the “Severely Underweight” category, both in accordance with an update to the relevant Wikipedia page. Tested with WP 5.5.1. File readme.txt updated.
  • 21/07/23 v1.0.12 Tested with WP 6.2. Bug fix. File readme.txt updated.
  • 15/04/24 v1.0.13 Tested with WP 6.5.2. File readme.txt updated.


The plugin is offered “as is” and without guarantee of fitness for purpose.